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Do You Have Pump Smarts?

Every pump operator — from engineers with years of experience to those just starting their careers — understands the importance of continued learning. Although many engineers consider themselves slurry pump experts, even the most seasoned professionals occasionally make mistakes. Ongoing professional development, which includes reviewing information and techniques already learned, should be a primary focus […]

Dewatering & Dredge Pumpsets Help Tackle Mining Applications

KSB has partners and customers around the world. To meet their diverse needs, KSB provides a wide array of products that can take on nearly any application. One such solution was an innovative dewatering and dredge (DnD) pumpset, designed to help with dewatering open-pit mines. Groundwater can be detrimental to mine operations, especially in sites […]

GIW’s $42 Million Expansion

A lot has changed since GIW opened its doors in 1891, but our commitment to customer success and product quality has never wavered. To meet our customers’ needs and keep up with an expanding global market, we embarked on a major expansion project, which began in 2014. Now, that we are in a new year, […]

KSB Australia Brings 66 Pumps to Iron Ore Mine

GIW’s parent company, KSB, designs and delivers pumps for nearly every industrial application around the world. At GIW, we collaborate with KSB offices and service centers in more than 100 countries to bring our high-quality pumps, valves, and other products to new and long-time customers alike. One such collaboration took us to the Southern Hemisphere, […]

GIW Delivers Pumps for KSB Chile

GIW’s long-lasting, reliable pumps are known around the world and are unparalleled in quality. But what puts us a cut above the competition is our commitment to customer service, even when the customer is a continent away from our home base in Georgia. That’s exactly what the operators at a copper mine in Chile learned […]

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What Factors Cause Stress to your Pump System?

Education is a key element of our commitment to customers and engineers around the world. That’s why we provide in-depth articles about different phenomena in pumping and pump design. One area our readers always ask about is pump stress — specifically, what can cause stress to your pump system. Today, we focus on the two […]

Australia Service Success at Mine’s Power Station

As a member of KSB’s Worldwide Pump and Valve Group, GIW is part of a large network of KSB offices dedicated to providing single-source solutions for both water and slurry pump problems for customers all around the world. The KSB Australia office recently aided one customer in the mining industry with a pump performance issue. […]

GIW Exceeds Customer Expectations at Brazilian Copper Mine

We provide timely, expert care for pump problems of all types and in all applications. This was the case at a large Brazilian copper mine. GIW turned their operation around with the help of our knowledgeable pump experts. In only a short amount of time, we replaced their underperforming pump with one of our own, […]

GIW Pumps Will Operate in Gold Mine Life Extension

At GIW, we take great pride in helping our customers execute their long-term plans. We recently worked with an international mining company in Canada that runs a major gold-copper mine in the Kamloops area of British Columbia. We’re excited to be a part of their new 10-year plan for the mine, during which time they […]

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