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Pumps and So Much More: Exceeding Expectations in the Power Industry

Of course the experts at GIW Industries Inc. know pumps. But did you know our expertise and service offerings extend much further? This is especially true for the power industry, in which GIW not only provides a huge variety of pumping equipment but where we’re also offering invaluable turnkey services for entire systems. Engineers developed […]

What Are the Symptoms of Airlock in a Slurry System?

Airlock is simple but devastating. The main symptom of airlock is reduced flow. When you have reduced flow, you have reduced production. And when airlock is severe enough, it can stop production altogether. For a simple but clear example of what happens, watch the video below: The problem is that air is essential in mineral processing […]

Massive Slurry Test Yields Massive Results

A research paper written by several GIW Industries Inc. experts is garnering a lot of attention, including a prestigious award for “Best Paper” at the 2017 Hydrotransport Conference. An impressive group of in-house GIW experts — Robert Visintainer, John Furlan, and George McCall II — researched and compiled the paper “Comprehensive loop testing of a broadly […]

Two Upgrades, Limitless Potential

“By changing nothing, nothing changes.” — Tony Robbins At GIW, we believe in change. We keep a watchful eye on our processes, materials, and pumps, looking for new ways not just to improve offerings for our customers but also to raise expectations and standards for the entire market. That’s why we’re so excited to share […]

New Dredge Pump Orders Extend GIW Global Reach

GIW has a long and rich history in the world of dredge pumps. Although GIW’s pump quality and engineering capabilities are globally renowned, European customers mostly relied on GIW for our ultra-reliable parts and small to medium-sized pumps. However, two massive projects have shifted this vision, propelling GIW from a parts provider to a complete […]

What’s the Scoop on Stuffing Boxes?

If you’re like most operators, you have a slurry pump stuffing box to prevent fluid and material from leaking out of your system. While this isn’t the only design available, a stuffing box is more economical and more forgiving than dynamic expeller and mechanical seal types. For these reasons, the stuffing box tends to be […]

Are Aging Mines System Problems or Just Pump Issues?

Well-established copper mine leaders who are also long-time GIW Industries Inc. customers recently came to us with a problem: While their GIW pumps were doing their jobs, they needed to make some major improvements to their aging system to stay solvent. “They came to GIW and said they needed to improve their operations, reduce downtime, […]

Safety Pays Off — In More Ways Than One

You know GIW Industries Inc. as a pump and pump parts producer, but there’s one thing we’re even more proud of than our innovative products: our employees. Not only do we employ some of the hardest working hands and most dedicated minds in the world but we also happen to be home to some of […]

GIW Materials Innovation Wins Prestigious Award

Every year, Mining Magazine issues awards to a handful of innovative, forward-thinking companies in the industry. We at GIW Industries Inc. are excited and proud to be recognized as one of their 2016 Mining Magazine award winners. This year’s award recognizes GIW for the Endurasite® material, which significantly extends time between maintenance cycles and drastically […]

Great Long-Distance Pumping Meets Greater Long-Term Reliability

If you’ve recently walked along our southern coastal beaches, you may have a GIW Industries Inc. WBC pump to thank for the extra sand between your toes. These highly versatile pumps are used as dredge pipeline boosters to help replenish beach areas along coastlines destroyed by hurricanes. However, their uses extend far beyond sunny shores […]

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