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Meet the All-In Pump

Over the years, GIW Industries, Inc., has developed a reputation for going above and beyond when it comes to designing slurry pumps. One of our customers reached out to us for help with extending their wear life and reducing down time. They needed a pump that could outperform other pumps they had operated. That’s why […]

GIW Innovations: Two New Devices to Make Maintenance Easier

At GIW Industries, Inc., our engineers have earned a reputation for providing excellent customer service and designing reliable, intuitive products. They’re also known for innovating in the field of pump maintenance and for continually improving customer experience in the oil sands industry. Here’s a look at what a few of our engineers have been working […]

Wrap-Up: GIW Open House and Slurry Training

From the very beginning, GIW Industries, Inc.’s focus has been on helping its customers optimize their pumps and systems. One way in which we foster strong relationships between GIW engineers and pump operators is by hosting on-site trainings throughout the year. We’re proud to say that June’s event was one of our most successful to […]

It’s Official: The TBC-92 is the Largest Pump in the Oil Sands

GIW Industries, Inc. is proud of our customers and what they accomplish every day with the help of our slurry pumps. Occasionally, customers face operational challenges that existing equipment just can’t handle. That’s what inspires GIW engineers to create bigger and better pumps that continue our legacy of reliability and commitment to customer service. One […]

Spotlight on New Employees

GIW Industries, Inc., is expanding to better meet our customers’ needs, and we’re excited to announce two new region managers. Read on to learn what great skills and experience these employees bring to the company. Peter Muller, Regional Manager Global Dredge, Europe & Asia  Peter is responsible for sustaining and developing our dredge business globally […]

GIW Firsts: Extension into Panama Expands Horizons

Central America is a brand-new market for copper mining, with excellent growth potential. GIW Industries, Inc., recently had a notable success with a customer at a Panamanian copper mine. This success bodes well for the future of copper mining in Central America and illustrates how much potential there is for GIW to serve customers in […]

GIW Teams Up with Gomez International for Tunneling

GIW Industries, Inc., is a strong company because of our people — including our partnerships. As we continue to grow, we are pleased to welcome Gomez International as our tunneling rep. Read on to learn what makes Gomez a great fit for the future of GIW. Gomez’s history Gomez International was founded in 1991 and […]

Replacing a Competitor’s Pump with an MDX-400 for Increased Output

At GIW Industries, Inc., we help customers identify problems with their equipment and provide solutions to meet their needs. As a recent example, a copper mining customer in Arizona came to us because they were having problems with the pump they were operating. GIW experts were able to diagnose the problem and provide a solution […]

2018: Excellent Year Sets Exciting Stage for 2019

2018 was a banner year for GIW Industries, Inc., in all aspects of the business. In over 125 years of serving its customers, GIW has never been better positioned to grow and reach new horizons. GIW continues to expand its capabilities with plans to add a 70,000 sq. ft. facility containing cleaning, shot blasting, heat treatment, machining, […]

Why Do We Need to Adjust Our Pump’s Nose Gap?

Q: Our pump is running fine. Why did our GIW representative tell us we need to adjust our pump’s nose gap? A: The three main wear parts of a slurry pump are the suction liner, the impeller, and the shell or casing. The nose gap on a centrifugal pump is the distance between the suction liner […]

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