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Our Top 10 Questions of All Time

This is one of the most popular articles in each issue of The Flowsheet from GIW Industries Inc., and it’s no surprise why! You can find detailed expert-driven responses to some of the pumping industry’s most relevant questions right here. While we’ve provided answers to the dozens of great questions we’ve received over the years, […]

The Biggest News of the Decade — and Where We Are Now

In a decade of pumping news, The Flowsheet has featured more than a handful of exciting and revolutionary articles. We combed through the archives to bring you the top three most impactful stories in three diverse industries back then — and an update on how far they’ve come. Hard Rock: Where MDX still reigns supreme […]

The Secret to Keeping Customers for a Lifetime

GIW Industries Inc. has a perpetually growing roster of customers, and we’re proud to serve each and every one. However, GIW has been lucky enough to have worked with a handful for at least a decade — and in some cases, many decades! We’re excited to celebrate these long-term anniversaries with customers in the phosphate […]

Turning Today’s Engineers into Tomorrow’s Leaders

For 41 years and counting, GIW Industries Inc. has had the privilege of sharing cutting-edge knowledge, materials, and pumping expertise with engineers through our annual slurry course. Many wonder why a pump manufacturer invests so much in a course that focuses on the whole slurry pumping process. Our reasons are rooted in customer service and […]

Looking Forward: The Next 10 Years of The Flowsheet

The Flowsheet is just one of the many ways GIW Industries Inc. keeps customers informed. It’s hard to believe we’ve been delivering industry best practices, market-changing product announcements, and customer success stories through this publication for an entire decade! As we celebrate this landmark anniversary, GIW Sales and Marketing Brand Manager Meilin Ruiz reminisces about […]

How Can GIW Assist Customers with On-Site Safety Concerns?

Accidents are some of the costliest workplace events, and preventing them is a priority for everyone at GIW. One recent example highlights this continued commitment to safety and even earned GIW recognition for going the extra mile. Leaders at a Chilean copper mining operation contacted GIW about a problem they were having with their GIW […]

Successes Showcase GIW Versatility in Servicing KSB Pump Lines

GIW Industries Inc. is renowned for their slurry pump expertise. After GIW became a KSB subsidiary, GIW began branching out and servicing the broader line of KSB pumps, further strengthening their partnership. Several recent successes have shown that GIW service techs are up to the task. Trelleborg is a leader in engineered polymer solutions based […]

GIW Is Making an Impression in the Global Dredge Market

Through the years, dredge customers have recognized GIW Industries, Inc. as a high-quality pump parts provider. With several successful international dredge projects under their belt, GIW has solidified their reputation as designers and manufacturers of complete pumps for the dredging industry. Originally covered in the August 2017 issue of The Flowsheet, the project for China’s Changjiang […]

Remembering Graeme Addie

If you’ve been a GIW Industries Inc. customer for any length of time, you’re likely familiar with the name Graeme Addie. And if you’re one of the many who called him a friend and mentor, consider yourself lucky. He was a beloved man who lived a remarkable life. Unfortunately, that life ended in November 2017, […]

2018 Marks a Renewed Commitment to Customer Support

Many of our customers in the mining industry faced struggles over the past few years. In 2017, the market flattened out and began turning upward. GIW Industries Inc. was not exempt from the market’s volatility. Although the year was not without its challenges, GIW was able to assist our customers in achieving some major successes. […]

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