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How Can GIW Assist Customers with On-Site Safety Concerns?

Accidents are some of the costliest workplace events, and preventing them is a priority for everyone at GIW. One recent example highlights this continued commitment to safety and even earned GIW recognition for going the extra mile. Leaders at a Chilean copper mining operation contacted GIW about a problem they were having with their GIW […]

Successes Showcase GIW Versatility in Servicing KSB Pump Lines

GIW Industries Inc. is renowned for their slurry pump expertise. After GIW became a KSB subsidiary, GIW began branching out and servicing the broader line of KSB pumps, further strengthening their partnership. Several recent successes have shown that GIW service techs are up to the task. Trelleborg is a leader in engineered polymer solutions based […]

GIW Is Making an Impression in the Global Dredge Market

Through the years, dredge customers have recognized GIW Industries, Inc. as a high-quality pump parts provider. With several successful international dredge projects under their belt, GIW has solidified their reputation as designers and manufacturers of complete pumps for the dredging industry. Originally covered in the August 2017 issue of The Flowsheet, the project for China’s Changjiang […]

Remembering Graeme Addie

If you’ve been a GIW Industries Inc. customer for any length of time, you’re likely familiar with the name Graeme Addie. And if you’re one of the many who called him a friend and mentor, consider yourself lucky. He was a beloved man who lived a remarkable life. Unfortunately, that life ended in November 2017, […]

2018 Marks a Renewed Commitment to Customer Support

Many of our customers in the mining industry faced struggles over the past few years. In 2017, the market flattened out and began turning upward. GIW Industries Inc. was not exempt from the market’s volatility. Although the year was not without its challenges, GIW was able to assist our customers in achieving some major successes. […]

Is Your Seal Flush Port in the Correct Position?

If you need to introduce less water into your shaft seal — or you’re using non-potable water in your shaft seal water supply system — you’re likely relying on a SpiralTrac™ seal instead of a lantern ring in your stuffing box. “Most customers don’t have potable water, so what they use is processed water with particulates,” […]

Get the Full System Assessment

When you think of GIW Industries Inc., slurry pumps likely come to mind. While GIW is certainly globally renowned for innovative pump technologies, a tremendous amount of effort and expertise is put into examining entire slurry systems. After all, a pump is only as efficient as the system it’s part of! “It’s extremely important for […]

Trelleborg and GIW Experts Bring Remarkable Resiliency of Rubber to the Oil Sands

It’s no secret: For Oil Sands customers, steel is a necessity. However, when it comes to pump and pipeline parts, this material’s drawbacks can also make it a frustrating bottleneck. That’s where rubber comes into play: Rubber has the ability to handle high pressures, offer greater ranges of motion, and also provide substantially longer in-service […]

Change Is Good in the Oil Sands

GIW Industries Inc. is already known for its experts and customer-oriented approaches. However, in the Canadian Oil Sands, GIW professionals are taking their commitment to service to a whole new level by adding more resources, offering enhanced on-site tech support, and focusing on a personalized experience for all customers. GIW’s new Fort McMurray Service Centre […]

TBC-67 Breaks Record: 4,800 Hours Between Shutdown

Frequent shutdowns due to underperforming pumps are frustrating and costly, yet many operators in the Oil Sands struggle with such downtime on a regular basis. Those working at a major Oil Sands operation near Fort McMurray were frustrated by the escalating expenses of frequent unplanned outages — which can soar over US$60,000 per hour. Although […]

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