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2018: Excellent Year Sets Exciting Stage for 2019

2018 was a banner year for GIW Industries, Inc., in all aspects of the business. In over 125 years of serving its customers, GIW has never been better positioned to grow and reach new horizons. GIW continues to expand its capabilities with plans to add a 70,000 sq. ft. facility containing cleaning, shot blasting, heat treatment, machining, […]

Why Do We Need to Adjust Our Pump’s Nose Gap?

Q: Our pump is running fine. Why did our GIW representative tell us we need to adjust our pump’s nose gap? A: The three main wear parts of a slurry pump are the suction liner, the impeller, and the shell or casing. The nose gap on a centrifugal pump is the distance between the suction liner […]

Been There, Pumped That

GIW’s state-of-the-art laboratory benefits GIW’s internal research and development team by giving its members a venue to evaluate and develop new pump technologies and features. GIW’s Hydraulic Lab also exists to help customers analyze their slurries, as well as to learn everything we can about nearly anything that might ever need to be pumped. We […]

New Product: MDX RAMSL

At GIW Industries, Inc., we continuously strive to make your job easier and more efficient. After several months of advanced testing and prototyping, we are excited to introduce our new Remotely Adjusted Mechanical Suction Liner (RAMSL). Read on to discover what makes this innovation special. What it is, what it does Efficient pump operation in […]

Successful Adjustments Lead to 40% Increase in Wear Life

Small adjustments to your pumping system can lead to massive savings in replacement parts, labor, or other resources. Learn how one of GIW Industries Inc.’s oil sands customers experienced significant wear life extension through simple, planned adjustments to suction liners. The necessity of following protocol Slurry pump part wear life is influenced by many factors, […]

Diverter-Style WBC Pumps Provide Multiple Benefits

GIW Industries Inc. developed the diverter-style WBC matrix hydrotransport pump to improve wear life of the suction liner and impeller. The WBC pump increases efficiency, promotes safety, and provides more effective service. With superior suction performance and large sphere passage, WBC pumps are an excellent solution for long-distance pumping. Customer case: Major update saves money […]

Do You Have a Pump or System Question?

At GIW Industries Inc., we’re firm believers in the adage “There’s no such thing as a silly question” — especially when it comes to pumps and pumping systems. In fact, it’s often a customer’s inquisitiveness that pushes us to find solutions to industrywide issues. In our last newsletter, we counted down “Our Top 10 Questions […]

Meeting Demands for Increased Capacity and Long-Lasting Support

When two leading mines in Mexico began considering expansion projects, both turned to GIW Industries, Inc. The first is a polymetallic mine owned by the second-largest Mexican mining company in the world. This mine produces zinc, lead, and silver and is outfitted entirely with GIW pumps. When an expansion of the mine’s concentrator plant became […]

Meet the Slurry Pump Oracle

If you’ve ever had a question about a GIW pump, chances are the “Slurry Pump Oracle” has come to your aid. Here at GIW Industries Inc. we’re proud to employ a whole roster of individuals who have dedicated their careers to making our company as customer-oriented and innovative as possible — and Senior Product Manager […]

The Hydrotransport Pump Provider of Choice in the Oil Sands

With the upcoming installation of a GIW Minerals® TBC-92 pump, GIW Industries Inc. will officially have hydrotransport pumps in service at all operating Canadian oil sands mines. This landmark project is taking place at the site of a customer who has been with GIW since 2009. The customer was familiar with the success of a […]

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