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What Factors Cause Stress to your Pump System?

Education is a key element of our commitment to customers and engineers around the world. That’s why we provide in-depth articles about different phenomena in pumping and pump design. One area our readers always ask about is pump stress — specifically, what can cause stress to your pump system. Today, we focus on the two […]

How is GIW Keeping Their Employees Safe From the Spread of COVID-19?

It goes without saying that we are living through unprecedented times. The spread of COVID-19 has affected people in every corner of the world and professionals in every industry. Of course, at GIW, one of our top priorities is to protect employees from the spread of the virus and maintain a positive work environment in […]

5 Reasons to Attend the Slurry Course

At GIW, we are committed to going the extra mile when it comes to sharing our pumping expertise with customers and industry professionals. That’s why, for more than 40 years, we have hosted training courses on topics in slurry transport and pump maintenance. Our intensive slurry course, “Transportation of Solids Using Centrifugal Pumps,” is held […]

Why Do We Need to Adjust Our Pump’s Nose Gap?

[sidebar width=”245″] Nose gap adjustment is critical between the suction liner and impeller: Should be close to zero in operations without touching. Operating conditions such as hydraulic axial force, shaft deflection, and thermal expansion require a minimum initial clearance. Routine adjustment will compensate for normal wet-end component wear.[/sidebar] Q: Our pump is running fine. Why […]

Do You Have a Pump or System Question?

At GIW Industries Inc., we’re firm believers in the adage “There’s no such thing as a silly question” — especially when it comes to pumps and pumping systems. In fact, it’s often a customer’s inquisitiveness that pushes us to find solutions to industrywide issues. In our last newsletter, we counted down “Our Top 10 Questions […]

Our Top 10 Questions of All Time

This is one of the most popular articles in each issue of The Flowsheet from GIW Industries Inc., and it’s no surprise why! You can find detailed expert-driven responses to some of the pumping industry’s most relevant questions right here. While we’ve provided answers to the dozens of great questions we’ve received over the years, […]

How Can GIW Assist Customers with On-Site Safety Concerns?

Accidents are some of the costliest workplace events, and preventing them is a priority for everyone at GIW. One recent example highlights this continued commitment to safety and even earned GIW recognition for going the extra mile. Leaders at a Chilean copper mining operation contacted GIW about a problem they were having with their GIW […]

Is Your Seal Flush Port in the Correct Position?

If you need to introduce less water into your shaft seal — or you’re using non-potable water in your shaft seal water supply system — you’re likely relying on a SpiralTrac™ seal instead of a lantern ring in your stuffing box. “Most customers don’t have potable water, so what they use is processed water with particulates,” […]

What Are the Symptoms of Airlock in a Slurry System?

Airlock is simple but devastating. The main symptom of airlock is reduced flow. When you have reduced flow, you have reduced production. And when airlock is severe enough, it can stop production altogether. For a simple but clear example of what happens, watch the video below: The problem is that air is essential in mineral processing […]

What’s the Scoop on Stuffing Boxes?

If you’re like most operators, you have a slurry pump stuffing box to prevent fluid and material from leaking out of your system. While this isn’t the only design available, a stuffing box is more economical and more forgiving than dynamic expeller and mechanical seal types. For these reasons, the stuffing box tends to be […]

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