Our Top 10 Questions of All Time

This is one of the most popular articles in each issue of The Flowsheet from GIW Industries Inc., and it’s no surprise why! You can find detailed expert-driven responses to some of the pumping industry’s most relevant questions right here. While we’ve provided answers to the dozens of great questions we’ve received over the years, here are our top 10 from the past 10 years:

  1. 2008: What does LSA Stand For?
    Learn the meaning of this common acronym.
  2. 2009: Why Do Slurry Pumps Experience High Wear at Low Flow Rates?
    When your pumps are experiencing high wear, simply slowing them down might not be the answer. Learn about the complex factors that contribute to pump wear in your system.
  3. 2010: What Does it Mean When a Pump “Snores?”
    GIW’s new ZW pump has a unique feature that allows it to run in a “snore” condition, creating a more efficient and consistent pump operation. Think it’s funny to imagine a pump snoring? Here’s what it means.
  4. 2011: What Are the Symptoms of Airlock in a Slurry System?
    Airlock can bring your slurry system — and your entire production process — to an abrupt halt. Here are the symptoms to look for.
  5. 2012: Why Do We Need to Adjust Our Pump’s Nose Gap?
    GIW pumps are known for their long wear life. But pump operators can double or even triple their pump wear life by following this simple tip!
  6. 2013: Why Are We Seeing Cracks in Our Impeller and Suction Liner?
    If your pump’s bearing housing moves forward during operation, the resulting heat and friction can cause premature wear and cracking. But one simple trick can prevent the problem and save you a lot of money.
  7. 2014: What’s the Best Way to Remove a Shaft Sleeve for Maintenance?
    Many facilities have large pumps that are extremely heavy. Make maintenance easier and safer by using the right tool for the job — one that is specifically designed for a shaft sleeve.
  8. 2015: Why Are There 2 Notches in GIW Shaft Sleeve Gaskets?
    Follow these steps to use the gasket notches effectively and make your maintenance job easier.
  9. 2016: What Are ‘Murphian’ Particles?
    In the world of slurry pumping, these 500-micron particles present their fair share of challenges.
  10. 2017: What’s the Strangest Slurry Solution This Expert Has Ever Seen?
    GIW Industries Inc. Resident Slurry Expert Reab Berry recalls a unique problem he encountered during his visit to a Malaysian tin mine.

Plus, a bonus tip from this year:

  • 2018: Is Your Seal Flush Port in the Correct Position?
    If you’ve replaced your stuffing box arrangement with SpiralTrac™, the seal flush port position is an important consideration. Learn how you can make sure everything is perfectly aligned for proper function.

While The Flowsheet may look a bit different now than it did a decade ago, one thing has remained the same: GIW’s dedication to sharing knowledge with our customers. In fact, we’re still committed to providing you with timeless solutions like these not just here in our newsletter but also on the KSB Blog, which was inspired by this very section. We hope you’ll continue to look for the answers you need right here and on our blog!

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