What’s the Best Way to Remove a Shaft Sleeve for Maintenance?

Q: What’s the best way to remove a shaft sleeve for maintenance?

A: The best way is always going to be the easiest and safest method.

As pumps and pump parts get increasingly bigger, they also get heavier, so you need special tools to ensure safe maintenance.

Technicians at GIW have developed a specialized tool, the shaft sleeve lift device, which allows easy removal of the shaft sleeve. It eliminates the need for a slide hammer. The lift device uses a pusher bolt system in combination with the lift device. This combination makes shaft sleeve removal much easier and much safer.

To remove the shaft sleeve, the impeller has to be taken off first. (For a helpful tip for making impeller removal easier, refer to this previous Flowsheet article.) Then, be sure to soak the shaft sleeve with penetrating oil to make sure that parts can move freely.

See below to watch a short animation of this process with the new shaft sleeve lift device.

Once the sleeve is removed, clean the shaft to remove rust and dirt. Then you are ready to install the new sleeve. Follow the instructions in the GIW Maintenance Manual and install the new sleeve with a sealing o-ring and two impeller gaskets.

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