We Celebrated GIW’s New Foundry with Our Community, Employees, and Customers!

This fall, GIW Industries Inc. and KSB celebrated the expansion of the GIW white-iron foundry in Grovetown, GA. Construction of the new facility started in 2014, and thanks to the hard work of our team and meticulous planning, the foundry is now fully operational.

This new 50,000-square-foot facility has a 72-foot ceiling and six cranes to accommodate the heat treatment and melting furnaces, as well as the sand silos needed for manufacturing the large-scale slurry pumps we’re known for. Additionally, the new space gives GIW the opportunity to produce up to 10,000 castings annually.

The Grovetown foundry is now the No. 1 white-iron foundry in the world, boasting state-of-the-art equipment, highly efficient workflows, top safety features, and significantly greater capacity for both output and storage of very large slurry-pumping equipment.

Here are some highlights from our grand opening ceremony!

  • Klaus Barmann, KSB President of North America and Oceania Regions; Dennis Ziegler, former GIW President and CEO; and Dr. Peter Buthmann, KSB Board of Management, pause for a snapshot in front of a pump.
  • Brian Prochaska, certified professional engineer and GIW Chief Engineer, strikes a pose.
  • The foundry features a state-of-the-art shake-out and reclamation system, which holds flasks up to 20 feet by 20 feet; its dust collector extraction rate is 95,000 cubic feet per hour, and its shake-out throughput is 60 U.S. tons per hour.
  • The GIW Executive Board takes pride in the new foundry. From left to right: Tamara Lopez, Executive Assistant; Robert Visintainer, Vice President of Engineering; Enrico Handrick, Vice President of Finance; Gary Holley, Director of Human Resources; Dennis Ziegler, former GIW President and CEO; Charlie Stone, Vice President of Sales and Marketing; Thomas Mueller, Vice President of Operations
  • Dennis Ziegler addresses the crowd.
  • Dennis Ziegler and Dr. Peter Buthmann christen the foundry.
  • Robbie Bennett, Columbia County Chamber Executive Director, and Tammy Schepherd, Columbia Country Chamber President, find the perfect moment for a photo opportunity with Dennis Ziegler and Dr. Peter Buthmann.
  • GIW’s mighty Mill Duty Xtra (MDX) Heavy Pump is on display for all to admire.
  • Employees enjoy the ceremony.
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