Slurry Course Email Template

Subject: I’d like to attend GIW’s Slurry Transport Course

Hi [Supervisor Name], 

I value that our company has a culture of supporting continuing education, professional development, and a more diverse pool of future leaders. 

In the spirit of professional development and company growth, I’d like to attend GIW’s Slurry Transport Course, a five-day training course designed specifically for slurry transport maintenance and operations personnel.  This course is incredibly popular and beneficial for professionals in our industry, offering a variety of workshops, hands-on demonstrations, and lectures from renowned experts. 

I understand that [Company Name] is striving for [Goal/Objective – such as reduction of errors, improved productivity, improved reputation/authority in the industry, etc] and I think this type of training is a great stepping stone to achieve that. For example, the Slurry Transport course offers sessions specifically related to [Skill/Area of Interest]. By attending that session, I’ll be better equipped to not only handle [Related task] with the latest techniques and best practices, but I’ll also share that knowledge and training with others in our organization, fostering an environment of continuous education and teamwork. It’s a win-win!  

Here’s the breakdown of the info for the training: 

  • Date: March 2021
  • Ticket cost: $2300 (for a single ticket at the early-bird rate); or $2070 (per person if we send multiple team members, also based on early-bird rate)
  • Event link:
  • Course Preview Video:

Is this something that I can pursue in 2021?

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. I truly believe this is an excellent opportunity for not only my development, but for [Company Name] as a whole, too!


[Your Name]

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