Meet the Slurry Pump Oracle

If you’ve ever had a question about a GIW pump, chances are the “Slurry Pump Oracle” has come to your aid. Here at GIW Industries Inc. we’re proud to employ a whole roster of individuals who have dedicated their careers to making our company as customer-oriented and innovative as possible — and Senior Product Manager Ronnie Willis is at the top of that list.

Ronnie is a Senior GIW Product Manager and is well-versed in all GIW pumps. His particular product lines are the TBC and WBC. He also works with new materials such as Endurasite™ and Enduraclad™ as well as custom oil sands products. Here he stands next to the WBC Expeller pump.

A wealth of knowledge

With more than 40 years of GIW service under his belt, Mr. Willis has been hands-on in helping customers select, develop, and maintain their pumping equipment. Today, he focuses his expertise mostly in the oil sands and phosphate industries, but Mr. Willis spent decades working on engineered solutions for countless slurry pumping problems.

“His knowledge on GIW design history is amazing,” GIW Sales Engineer and Technical Specialist Tom Wujcik said. “If anyone wants or needs information on a part number, test pump, delivery date, special design we did 30 years ago, or just about anything pertaining to GIW, you would ask Ronnie.”

In fact, he’s so well-versed in everything GIW that his colleagues gave him his much-deserved moniker.

“I still think he gets a little embarrassed every time someone calls him the ‘Oracle,’ as he is just a humble guy who really doesn’t want the extra attention,” Mr. Wujcik said. “But I’m happy to see it has stuck because he is truly deserving of this nickname!”

No one works harder

However modest he may be about receiving recognition for his expertise, Mr. Willis is certainly more than willing to give extra attention to those who need it most — GIW’s customers. With such varied pumping applications and environments, customers often come to GIW with unique needs. The key to making their slurry operations as efficient as possible could be anything from a simple liner adjustment to a more complex system modification, and Mr. Willis always finds a way to make it work.

And if his name sounds familiar, it could be because Mr. Willis has shared his expertise in past issues of The Flowsheet. In fact, Mr. Willis personally recalled one phosphate industry customer who was actually breaking pumps on startup and another in the oil sands who requested an impressive 6,000 hours of wear life from their pump. He helped find answers to both costly issues, saving the customers a tremendous amount of money and downtime.

“I’m sure some of our competitors have a similar depth of experience, but none still give it 110% day in and day out,” Mr. Wujcik said. “No one works harder for the customer than Ronnie.”

Mr. Willis knows GIW pumps inside and out, particularly the WBC and TBC lines. He also works with new GIW-developed materials Endurasite™ and Enduraclad™, so in collaboration with his team, the potential for developing custom solutions are virtually endless.

WBC Pump With Expeller Installed

More than just an expert

Yet it’s more than just his breadth of pumping knowledge that make the Slurry Pump Oracle such a valuable person to GIW and our customers. It’s his entire demeanor: He’s honest, helpful, hard-working, and kind.

“Ronnie is a true ‘Southern Gentleman’ who respects his job, his co-workers, and customers. He’s a genuine person, and he’s always there if someone needs help,” Mr. Wujcik said. “Plus, he truly believes GIW makes the best slurry pumps in the world — and he’s proud of that fact!”

GIW shares that sentiment in return. The Slurry Pump Oracle is just the sort of individual we are proud to have standing alongside our products and guiding our customers to success!

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