Meet the Heavy Duty LCC Pump

When designing a new pump, we ask ourselves one question: how will this help our customers succeed? Many of our customers operate in challenging, extreme environments, and require pumps that can withstand great wear and deliver consistent results. That’s why we introduced the LCC line of pumps. These pumps are built to tackle heavy-duty applications and are capable of handling slurries with highly abrasive and/or corrosive contents. Customers can select from a variety of pumps within the LCC family to meet their operational requirements.

Built for performance

Each pump in the LCC family is designed to maximize wear life and efficiency. One feature present in the LCC-M pump is the low-maintenance wet end, which consists of only three parts: a shell; an impeller that screws onto the shaft; and a suction plate liner that allows easy assembly and disassembly. This keeps inspection time and ownership cost to a minimum without sacrificing performance.

All LCC pumps utilize the latest in wear-resistant alloys and hydraulic technology to take on nearly any pumping challenge, including mineral processing, chemical slurry service, secondary mill grinding, and more. However, they can also be used in such operations as environmental cleanup, dewatering, food processing, and ash handling.

LCC Metal Series (LCC-M)

Pumps in the LCC-M series are designed to process slurries containing a wide range of particle sizes, as well as slurries with high-discharge head. They are most suited to process mildly corrosive slurries. Each pump in this series features a single-wall, hard-iron construction; a three-vane impeller; and an easily replaceable suction plate liner. The modular design of LCC-M pumps is notable for not requiring a separate outer housing, which makes it easier for operators to access and swap out parts as needed. A highly corrosion resistant range is available utilizing GIW’s T90G and 40G materials.

LCC Rubber-Lined Series (LCC-R)

Pumps in the LCC-R series are most suited to slurries with fine particle sizes, corrosive contents, and slurries with moderate discharge head. They are identified by their split-casing design with molded, replaceable rubber liners. Thanks to the LCC-R’s modular design, operators can switch between metal and elastomer impeller parts and shared mechanical components to simplify pump size changes for varying operating conditions.

LCC Extra Heavy Series (LCC-H)

Pumps in the LCC-H series are the toughest, most rugged members of the LCC family. As the name suggests, these extra-heavy pumps feature heavier metal sections and modified hydraulics designed to tackle aggressive slurries. They also enable three-stage pressure capability up to 300 psi, making them especially suited for intermediate pumping distances.

At GIW, we’ve developed a reputation for creating pumps that can withstand the toughest slurry applications, and the LCC family is no exception. More importantly, we are committed to supplying our customers with sturdy, reliable products, and augmenting it with care and support from our experts. Whether you’re pumping slurries with fine particles or aggressive slurries, our pumps can tackle it all and help you succeed!

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