Making our Mark on Pump and Valve Manufacturing

KSB brings technology that makes its mark on customers across the globe. With over 16,000 employees in five different continents, we are ready to provide solutions for a variety of needs and applications.

We offer the tools needed to transport, control, or shut off fluids. Our range of products covers nearly every application — and for technical needs, we custom engineer solutions that meet unique requirements.

KSB is well-known for their GIW® Minerals line of reliable and long-lasting slurry pumps. However, KSB is more than just a pump manufacturer; we are a solution provider and lend total customer support. Our goal for every pump, valve, and related systems is to design products that will save energy and run for years.

Our pumps and valves are just as home in municipal utilities as they are in sky scrapers or oil rigs. From St. Petersburg, to Cairo, to Nanjing, our products provide solutions that benefit thousands around the world. And with each new application, KSB brings expertise, excellent quality, total reliability, and service you can count on.

Get the full KSB story in the video.

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