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The Flowsheet – Exciting Innovations Gain Momentum in 2020 (3/24/20) Featuring: New Product: MDX RAMSL; It’s Official: The TBC-92 is the Largest Pump in the Oil Sands; GIW Firsts: Extension into Panama Expands Horizons; GIW Innovations: Two New Devices to Make Maintenance Easier; 5 Reasons to Attend the Slurry Course

The Flowsheet – Support, Innovations, and Training During COVID-19 (3/24/20) Featuring: GIW Ensures Continuous Parts Supply During COVID-19; Want to Cut Costs? Sell Your Scrap; GIW Engineers Use Their Skills to Help Frontline Workers; Gain Confidence with the GIW Maintenance Course; How is GIW keeping their employees safe from the spread of COVID-19?

The Flowsheet: Supporting Global Customers with Premier Pumps and Service (12/10/20) Featuring: GIW: A Valued Partner for EPC Companies; GIW Pumps Will Operate in Gold Mine Life Extension; GIW Exceeds Customer Expectations at Brazilian Copper Mine; Australia Service Success at Mine’s Power Station; What factors cause stress to your pump system?

The Flowsheet – GIW Announces Expansion of Manufacturing Complex (4/11/19) Featuring: 2018: Excellent Year Sets Exciting Stage for 2019; New Product: MDX RAMSL; The Hydrotransport Pump Provider of Choice in the Oil Sands; GIW Is Making an Impression in the Global Dredge Market; Turning Today’s Engineers into Tomorrow’s Leaders

The Flowsheet – GIW Extends Reach with New Tunneling Rep (7/30/19) Featuring: › Replacing a Competitor’s Pump with an MDX-400 for Increased Output; GIW Teams Up with Gomez International for Tunneling; Spotlight on New Employees; GIW Firsts: Extension into Panama Expands Horizons; Reading Slurry Pump Performance Curves Like a Pro

The Flowsheet – GIW Announces New GM for Fort McMurray Branch (10/3/19) Featuring: It’s Official: The TBC-92 is the Largest Pump in the Oil Sands; Wrap-Up: GIW Open House and Slurry Training; GIW Innovations: Two New Devices to Make Maintenance Easier; Meet the All-In Pump

The Flowsheet – Heavy Duty LCC Pumps: The GIW Workhorse (12/17/19) Featuring: GIW Makes Pump Packing Easier with New Device; Meet the Heavy Duty LCC Pump; Plan Your System with CAD 3D Drawings from GIW; Not Just for Industrial Work: GIW Pumps Benefit Agriculture; Featured Blog: How Do I Prevent Slurry Pump Abrasion and Corrosion?

The Flowsheet – RAMSL Increases Wear Life While Reducing Maintenance Costs (12/18/18) Featuring: Diverter-Style WBC Pumps Provide Multiple Benefits; Successful Adjustments Lead to 40% Increase in Wear Life; New Product: MDX RAMSL; Been There, Pumped That; Why Do We Need to Adjust Our Pump’s Nose Gap?

The Flowsheet – KSB Expands U.S. Customer Service and Support (10/02/18) Featuring: KSB Expands After-Sales Service and Support with KSB Dubric Inc.; The Hydrotransport Pump Provider of Choice in the Oil Sands; Meet the Slurry Pump Oracle; Meeting Demands for Increased Capacity and Long-Lasting Support; Do You Have a Pump or System Question?

The Flowsheet – GIW’s Biggest News of the Decade / Top 10 Slurry Pump Tips (08/14/18) Featuring: Looking Forward: The Next 10 Years of The Flowsheet; Turning Today’s Engineers into Tomorrow’s Leaders; The Secret to Keeping Customers for a Lifetime; The Biggest News of the Decade — and Where We Are Now; Our Top 10 Questions of All Time.

The Flowsheet – Adjustable Shaft Seal Guard Keeps Customers Safe (05/31/18) Featuring: 2018 Marks a Renewed Commitment to Customer Support; Remembering Graeme Addie; GIW Is Making an Impression in the Global Dredge Market; Successes Showcase GIW Versatility in Servicing KSB Pump Lines; How Can GIW Assist Customers with On-Site Safety Concerns?

The Flowsheet – TBC-67 Breaks Record: 4,800 Hours Between Shutdown (02/12/18) Featuring: TBC-67 Breaks Record: 4,800 Hours Between Shutdown; Change Is Good in the Oil Sands; Trelleborg and GIW Experts Bring Remarkable Resiliency of Rubber to the Oil Sands; Get the Full System Assessment; Is Your Seal Flush Port in the Correct Position?

The Flowsheet – Upgrades: Now Operating on a Bigger, Better Scale! (08/14/17) Featuring: New Dredge Pump Orders Extend GIW Global Reach; Two Upgrades, Limitless Potential; Massive Slurry Test Yields; Pumps and So Much More: Exceeding Expectations in the Power Industry; What Are the Symptoms of Airlock in a Slurry System?

screenshot-newsletters.updatesfromThe Flowsheet – GIW Endurasite Wins 2016 Mining Magazine Award (04/27/17) Featuring: Great Long-Distance Pumping Meets Greater Long-Term Reliability; GIW Materials Innovation Wins Prestigious Award; Safety Pays Off — In More Ways Than One; Are Aging Mines System Problems or Just Pump Issues?; What’s the Scoop on Stuffing Boxes?

The Flowsheet (01/24/17) Featuring: We’re Adapting to Today’s Market, Preparing for Tomorrow’s Success; Care Center Personnel Keep GIW Employees Well; Distribution Done Right: How Do GIW Experts Do It?; We’re Expanding Services to Amusement Parks, but It’s Not All Fun and Games; What’s the Strangest Slurry Solution This Expert Has Ever Seen?


The Flowsheet (10/11/16) Featuring: We’re Leading the Way in Hard-Rock Mining; One Thing Hasn’t Changed in 125 Years; World’s Largest Mill Pump Achieves Unheard Of 4,000 Hours of Continuous Operation; 5 Ways We Simplified Oil Sands Tailings Reclamation; What Are ‘Murphian’ Particles? 2016-07-26 14-54-05The Flowsheet (07/19/16) Featuring: GIW Goes Global at WODCON; GIW Team Celebrates Inaugural Pour at New Foundry; Top-Notch Training Is the Secret to Success; Revolutionary HVF Pump Gets High-Value Modifications; How Can We Avoid Clogging Our Vertical Pipelines?

The Flowsheet (03/29/16) Featuring: 5 Secrets to 125 Years of Success; Where Are Your Parts? Safe, Sound, and Available; Take an Insider Look at Customer Service; See the Amazing Evolution of Super Pumps; Which Pipe Design Should I Avoid in My Slurry Pipeline?

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