The Flowsheet eNewsletter Archive 2008-2015

2015 2016-07-26 15-03-01The Flowsheet (12/22/15) Featuring: GIW and Outotec: A Partnership Built for Your Success; We Celebrated GIW’s New Foundry with Our Community, Employees, and Customers!; Reaching Our Global Potential with Our New Managing Director; Meet the Technology that Will Preserve Your Pumps; Do GIW Bearing Assemblies Need Oil Breathers?

The Flowsheet (10/08/15) Featuring: Industry Outlook: How Market Data Helps Enhance GIW Services; GIW’s Slurry Experts Go Global; A Fond Farewell to Mr. Ziegler — GIW’s CEO; More Space, More Services — Same Great Team; Why Are There 2 Notches in GIW Shaft Sleeve Gaskets? 2016-07-26 15-05-03The Flowsheet (06/11/15) Featuring: Expanded Grovetown Foundry Goes Online!; Congratulations to GIW’s Slurry Champions!; Enable Slurry System Solutions by Making Invisible Problems Visible; Collaboration with Global Partners Enables Deeper Dredging; Why Do We Need Warning Plates on Our Pumps?

The Flowsheet (03/18/15) Featuring: Secrets of Phosphate Mining Success; Mining Leaders Meet in April; Your Feedback Matters: Take Our Survey!; Would You Like to Double the Life of Your Pump Parts?; How Much Seal Water Do I Need for My Pump’s Stuffing Box?

2014 2016-07-26 15-06-13The Flowsheet (12/09/14) Featuring: GIW Expansion: Keeping Up with the Pace of Progress; Registration Now Open for Spring Slurry Course; Making our Mark on Pump and Valve Manufacturing; Save $30,000 in Energy Costs: No Purchase Required!; What’s the Best Way to Remove a Shaft Sleeve for Maintenance?

The Flowsheet (9/04/14) Featuring: See GIW Pumps and Parts — Up Close and Personal!; Test Your Knowledge of Slurry Pumping; SAP: Heading for the Finish Line!; Mine in Norway Saves $1 Million Each Year with MDX Pump; Cold Weather is Coming: How Should I Prepare My Pumps? 2016-07-26 15-07-02The Flowsheet (6/30/14) Featuring: Grovetown Facility Expansion: Full Speed Ahead!; KSB’s REGEN Service Centers Keep Mining Operations Going; Strong Synergy: The KSB-GIW Industries Combination; SAP Update: How Integration Benefits Our Customers and KSB; How Much Space Should We Allow to Lift an Impeller?

The Flowsheet (3/26/14) Featuring: GIW’s SAP Implementation Evolving Through Phases; Made-to-Order Training Brings Out the Best in GIW’s Maintenance Staff; Pumping Iron: GIW and KSB Pumps Power Australian Iron Ore Mine; Can I Pump Through an Idle Pump?

2013 2016-07-26 15-13-48The Flowsheet (12/13/2013) Featuring: 4 Phosphate Industry Essentials for 2014; GIW to Offer Centrifugal Pump Course in February 2014; Bigger, Better Service for Oil Sands Industry; Protecting the Thames: GIW Pumps Part of London’s Wastewater Transport Overhaul; How Can We Get a Grip on Our Impeller Release Ring?

The Flowsheet (9/09/2013) Featuring: Take a Fresh Look at Oil Sands Production; SAP Implementation — One Giant Step for GIW Productivity; Visit the Historic Hydraulic Slide Rule at the Smithsonian!; Need a Specialty Pump in China? No Problem.; How Do We Use the Affinity Laws? 2016-07-26 15-14-22The Flowsheet (6/05/2013) Featuring: GIW Hydrocyclone Apex Kits: 2 Bolts, 2 Minutes, 2 Times the Wear Life!; Pump Engineers: Is Your Continuing Education Up to Date?; What Our New Website Means for You; Don’t Live with Rapid Pump Wear; Can I Reduce Pump Wear with a Bigger Pump?

The Flowsheet (3/20/2013) Featuring: The Aurora Super-Pump; GIW’s New Website; GIW Employee, Reab Berry, Reaches 50 Years with Company; Providing a Complete Slurry Pump Package for Two Mexican Mining Companies; Cracks in Impellers and Suction Liners

2012 2016-07-26 15-17-45The Flowsheet (12/26/2012) Featuring: GIW Showcase at MINExpo; Slurry Course Instructor Profiles; 2012 Recap from Pres. and CEO Dennis Ziegler; GIW and Hagler Systems Partnership; Preventing Centrifugal Pump Overheating

The Flowsheet (9/11/2012) Featuring: GIW Hydrocyclone; Florida REGEN Service Center; Live Demos of Cyclones and Slurry Loops; Wet-Ends Replacement in Indonesia; Best Way to Lift Impeller 2016-07-26 15-17-45The Flowsheet (6/20/2012) Featuring Five-Axis Router Pattern Machine; GIW REGEN; GOT IT; Hard Rock Concentrator Plants; Pump Nose Gap

The Flowsheet (4/03/2012) Featuring: Mondo Minerals Talc Processing; Thomson Service Center; Social Media; Chilean Copper Mine

2011 2016-07-26 15-19-41The Flowsheet (12/27/2011) Featuring: Pump House; Slurry Standard; KSB Anniversary; SME Exhibit

The Flowsheet (9/16/2011) Featuring: New Pump Materials; Noranda Alumina Plant; Impeller Removal

The Flowsheet (6/28/2011) Featuring: Froth; High Volume Froth Pump; Airlock Symptoms; Yara Phosphate Plant

The Flowsheet (4/21/2011) Featuring: Hydraulic Dredging; Industrial Castings Division; 30-Year Club; Training Peruvian Mining Companies

2010 2016-07-26 15-21-23The Flowsheet (12/15/2010) Featuring: Oil-Sand Mining; Preview of 2011; Operations in Alberta; Correct Oil Level

The Flowsheet (9/14/2010) Featuring: MDX Pump Safety; Corporate Video; Facilities Expansion; REGEN Service Centers

The Flowsheet (7/16/2010) Featuring: Lifting Jigs; OSHA Voluntary Protection Program; Dry-Sump Design; Control Flow Rate

The Flowsheet (4/02/2010) Featuring: GIW in South America; Industry Leadership; iPump; Affinity Laws

2009 2016-07-26 15-22-19The Flowsheet (12/16/2009) Featuring: Sugarcane Processing Industry; New GIW Furnace; Trade Show Appearances; Cavitation

The Flowsheet (9/15/2009) Featuring: Louisiana Shorelines; GIW – Made in America; Dredging Operations; Pipeline Flow

The Flowsheet (6/26/2009) Featuring: Lower TCO; Sales Planning and Processes; Website Updates; Mosaic Phosphate Mine

The Flowsheet (3/12/2009) Featuring: Slurry Pump Efficiency; Training for Engineers; Reclaimed Metals; South American Growth

2008 2016-07-26 15-23-07The Flowsheet (12/18/2008) Featuring: Slurry Diverter Patent; Partnering With ISCO; Hydraulic Slide Rule

The Flowsheet (9/9/2008) Featuring: Innovative Use of Slurry Pipelines; REGEN Service Center; Cement Plant Installation

The Flowsheet (6/30/2008) Featuring: Raw Material Prices; Slurry Course; Mount Everest Trek Sponsorhip; Syncrude Canada Ltd.

The Flowsheet (4/14/2008) Featuring: Improve Efficiency; New Corporate Brochure; Reab Berry; Zinifex Ltd.

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