GIW and Outotec: A Partnership Built for Your Success

KSB, GIW, and Outotec logosFor many years, Outotec has turned to GIW Industries Inc. to supply pumps to its clients, and this fall, the two organizations decided to enhance that relationship by entering into a sales and service partnership.

Outotec is a world leader in creating and applying technologies that allow mineral and metal processing, water treatment, and energy production companies to be more competitive, sustainable, and efficient in today’s markets.

The company’s experts work hand in hand with metal and mineral processing industries to develop solutions that truly optimize processes and performance. This involves designing cutting-edge systems using their own proprietary technologies and then enhancing those designs with quality third-party equipment, such as GIW’s slurry pumps.

“We’ve been doing business together for a very long time,” Outotec Vice President Taneli Salervo says. “Our capabilities and products complement each other, and there’s overlap in who we serve, so we realized the potential for deeper collaboration. This is especially true in the mining industries; they’re under huge stress for increased productivity and plant improvements, and I believe that our collaboration will offer better solutions to meet these challenges and support the mining industry.”

A foundation for an excellent partnership

Of course, slurry pumps are integral to mining and mineral processing. However, Outotec doesn’t simply want to pass along any pump to its clients; they want to partner with an organization as committed to quality, industry success, and innovation as they are.

That’s what makes this an ideal partnership. GIW’s expertise goes beyond a pump and its parts and extends to the entire slurry system, which is unique for each application. GIW connects with its customers to ensure they’re getting the right pump for the right application and the right results.

Outotec respects this commitment and reciprocates the need to provide practical applications for its clients.

“We’re not just engineers, but we’re experts in mining and plant operations as well, so we talk the same language of our customers — the plant operators,” Salervo says. “We see the same ability at GIW to speak to the plant operators on various levels, which is very important to us.”

The right resources at the right time

Outotec has traditionally worked with organizations to build its processes from the ground up, but today’s challenging mining market means that more often, companies are looking to optimize the processes they already have, rather than starting from scratch.

The combined expertise of Outotec and GIW engineers is especially valuable in this market. Together, they can fine-tune existing processes to ensure top performance.

“What we are going to do is integrate GIW’s slurry pumps into our own product offering,” Salervo explains. “We’ve been missing them from our portfolio, and now we’re stepping forward and can take slurry pumps into account when we’re making plant improvements and optimizing systems.”

High expectations for the future

As with any new pairing, it takes time to demonstrate results, but both companies are already seeing interest from an industry that knows and trusts the long-standing names of Outotec and GIW. With over 225 years of combined existence and experience, each is confident that its customers — new and old — will welcome this partnership and the unbeatable expertise behind it.

“Together with GIW, we can develop an even more complete solution for our customers,” Salervo says. “This is a great new opportunity for us to be able to serve our customers with a more complete service or investment solutions. I look forward very much to seeing the reaction from our customer base — I have very positive expectations!”

GIW couldn’t agree more, and we’re looking forward to seeing this partnership grow.

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