GIW Materials Innovation Wins Prestigious Award

Every year, Mining Magazine issues awards to a handful of innovative, forward-thinking companies in the industry. We at GIW Industries Inc. are excited and proud to be recognized as one of their 2016 Mining Magazine award winners.

This year’s award recognizes GIW for the Endurasite® material, which significantly extends time between maintenance cycles and drastically reduces total ownership cost.

Setting new standards in cost and longevity

GIW received a reader-submitted nomination — and ultimately the Mineral Processing award — for Endurasite improvements to the MDX-750 slurry pump.

[sidebar]The Full Story
Read the article about the GIW Mineral Processing Award in the January/February issue of Mining Magazine.[/sidebar]Changes to this already robust pump came about when leaders of a large Chilean copper mine came to GIW professionals with a costly and common problem: The maintenance on their poorly performing pumps was costing them an outage every 800 hours. The mine operators wanted to significantly extend time between shutdowns and, ultimately, reduce their expenses by investing in a mill pump that could run at least 4,000 hours continuously.

To meet this previously unimaginable goal, GIW engineers did what they do best: They focused on metallurgy and variable geometry to make MDX-750 high-wear, wet-end components even more wear-resistant. The result was a brand-new material technology, GIW Endurasite: a white-iron alloy that’s wear resistant in even the most aggressive and abrasive applications.

When GIW experts added Endurasite to MDX wet-end parts, not only did the pump meet the customer’s goal but it also exceed it, extending their pumps to an unheard-of 5,000 hours of continuous operation and saving leaders an estimated US$6 million per mill line.


Creating a more efficient, profitable future for mining

By choosing GIW for the 2016 Mineral Processing Award, Mining Magazine editors recognized this innovative material breakthrough as more than just a benefit for our Chile-based customer; they also recognized it in the mining industry as a whole.

“The Mining Magazine awards celebrate innovation and commitment to advancing the face of mining, not just technologically but also sustainably and in an environmentally respectful manner,” explains editor Carly Leonida in her article denoting the winners.

Readers submit nominees and magazine editors select just 11 winners. Those of us at GIW are honored to be counted among these industry leaders, and we’re looking forward to working together to continue making the mining industry smarter, safer, and more profitable long into the future.

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