GIW Is Making an Impression in the Global Dredge Market

Through the years, dredge customers have recognized GIW Industries, Inc. as a high-quality pump parts provider. With several successful international dredge projects under their belt, GIW has solidified their reputation as designers and manufacturers of complete pumps for the dredging industry.

Originally covered in the August 2017 issue of The Flowsheet, the project for China’s Changjiang Waterway Bureau (CWB) is on the verge of completion. Global logistics played a large role in the CWB project. GIW partnered with leaders of Hong Kong-based company Hua Hai to build two onboard pumps and two underwater pumps for a 6,000-cubic-meter tailing suction hopper dredge (TSHD). This called for collaboration among GIW, the motor supply built in Spain, and a partner in the Netherlands.

“There were lots of revisions and changes to perfect the design. The end customer was included in these conversations to make sure the tooling would meet their requirements,” Industrial Engineering Manager Richard Sterzen said. “There was also coordination with the purchasing department to make sure we could get the small parts and pieces, known as ‘jewelry,’ to build the pumps and deliver them on schedule.”

Employee safety was also a major concern. “Naturally, we’ve got a very talented assembly crew, but they’re used to working on pumps about half the size of these pumps,” Plant Manager Keith Milburn said. Some of the pumps were assembled at our Grovetown location for hydrotesting. The other pumps were assembled in Guangzhou, China. “Safety is always top of mind at GIW. We wanted to make sure all assembly crews were using the equipment, cranes, fixtures, and lifting devices in the right way.”

Together, GIW and Hua Hai created a cost-competitive and technologically advanced dredging solution. GIW delivered the pumps before the Chinese New Year, in early January, according to the customer’s request. CWB was so pleased with the design they placed a second order for the same exact pumps — even before they received the first shipment!

Looking ahead

“The success of this massive project shows that GIW, along with its partners, has the capability to execute on a large scale,” Mr. Milburn said. “We’re seeing a trend toward bigger pumps.” This translates into more production and less wear for our customers. “The dredging market will always be around. There will always be a need to build up beaches or clean rivers,” Mr. Milburn said. “It will be interesting to see how GIW increases our competitive position in the global dredge market.”

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