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GIW’s $42 Million Expansion

A lot has changed since GIW opened its doors in 1891, but our commitment to customer success and product quality has never wavered. To meet our customers’ needs and keep up with an expanding global market, we embarked on a major expansion project, which began in 2014. Now, that we are in a new year, […]

GIW Exceeds Customer Expectations at Brazilian Copper Mine

We provide timely, expert care for pump problems of all types and in all applications. This was the case at a large Brazilian copper mine. GIW turned their operation around with the help of our knowledgeable pump experts. In only a short amount of time, we replaced their underperforming pump with one of our own, […]

GIW Engineers Use Their Skills to Help Frontline Workers

At GIW, we salute the frontline and essential employees who risk their lives and work tirelessly to keep the public safe. As a way of supporting them, our engineers are applying their expertise to help fill needs in our community. Today, we highlight two recent projects from our Hydraulic Laboratory that helped frontline medical workers […]

Plan Your System with CAD 3D Drawings from GIW

GIW Industries, Inc. has changed a lot since its founding in 1891, and there’s no easier way to tell than by looking at the tools our engineers use. They no longer rely on hydraulic slide rulers and lists of formulas to design our slurry pumps. Instead, they use computers and other digital tools to design […]

Spotlight on New Employees

GIW Industries, Inc., is expanding to better meet our customers’ needs, and we’re excited to announce two new region managers. Read on to learn what great skills and experience these employees bring to the company. Peter Muller, Regional Manager Global Dredge, Europe & Asia  Peter is responsible for sustaining and developing our dredge business globally […]

GIW Firsts: Extension into Panama Expands Horizons

Central America is a brand-new market for copper mining, with excellent growth potential. GIW Industries, Inc., recently had a notable success with a customer at a Panamanian copper mine. This success bodes well for the future of copper mining in Central America and illustrates how much potential there is for GIW to serve customers in […]

New Product: MDX RAMSL

What it is, what it does Efficient pump operation in aggressive wear applications is only possible through precise weekly maintenance. One of the key maintenance procedures is adjusting internal clearance between the pump impeller nose gap and the suction liner. The RAMSL improves this maintenance procedure for the MDX-750, which is designed to be in continuous […]

Meet the Slurry Pump Oracle

If you’ve ever had a question about a GIW pump, chances are the “Slurry Pump Oracle” has come to your aid. Here at GIW Industries Inc. we’re proud to employ a whole roster of individuals who have dedicated their careers to making our company as customer-oriented and innovative as possible — and Senior Product Manager […]

The Secret to Keeping Customers for a Lifetime

GIW Industries Inc. has a perpetually growing roster of customers, and we’re proud to serve each and every one. However, GIW has been lucky enough to have worked with a handful for at least a decade — and in some cases, many decades! We’re excited to celebrate these long-term anniversaries with customers in the phosphate […]

GIW Is Making an Impression in the Global Dredge Market

Through the years, dredge customers have recognized GIW Industries, Inc. as a high-quality pump parts provider. With several successful international dredge projects under their belt, GIW has solidified their reputation as designers and manufacturers of complete pumps for the dredging industry. Originally covered in the August 2017 issue of The Flowsheet, the project for China’s Changjiang […]

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