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How Can We Avoid Clogging Our Vertical Pipelines?

This question is surprisingly common. Most people think of pipelines as running horizontally. But many GIW Industries Inc. customers who pump ore need to move their material from a ground floor up three or four stories to a cyclone or other process operation. Vertical transport of solids is easier than you might think. In fact, […]

Revolutionary HVF Pump Gets High-Value Modifications

Although the GIW® Minerals High-Volume Froth (HVF) Pump has been on the market for six years, we’re excited to announce new updates that make this innovative pump even more beneficial to mining, wastewater, paper recycling, oil sands, and other markets. The revolutionary design of the HVF Pump helps remove excess air from the slurry process. […]

Top-Notch Training Is the Secret to Success

GIW Industries Inc. is known for its cutting-edge pumps. While it takes an immense amount of input and coordination from our talented engineers, salespeople, and upper management team members to get these pumps into production, the actual development falls squarely in the laps of the hardworking shop floor employees. Without their dedication, we wouldn’t be […]

GIW Team Celebrates Inaugural Pour at New Foundry

GIW Industries Inc. employees celebrated the inaugural pour at the newly completed state-of-the art foundry in Grovetown, Georgia, May 16. State-of-the-art facility Getting this massive facility up and running has taken years of hard work and careful coordination. “We didn’t work in a silo,” explains Richard Sterzen, GIW Industrial Engineering Manager and Project Lead for […]

GIW Goes Global at WODCON

This June, GIW Industries Inc. representatives joined other dredging industry experts at the World Dredging Congress and Exposition (WODCON) in Miami, Florida. Although we’ve participated in other North American-focused conferences hosted by the Western Dredging Association (WEDA), this marked the first time GIW attended WEDA’s sister association’s event, connecting dredging professionals from around the globe. […]

Which Pipe Design Should I Avoid in My Slurry Pipeline?

Which of the following pipes should you avoid in a slurry pipeline? Horizontal pipes Vertical pipes Inclined pipes [showhide type=”question1″ more_text=”Reveal Answer” less_text=””]C — Inclined pipes![/showhide] [hr] Surprised? Many people think that a vertical pipe might be the most difficult angle to pump in. But inclined pipes of 20 to 50 degrees cause more flow problems […]

See the Amazing Evolution of Super Pumps

We’ve all heard the saying, “Bigger isn’t always better.” However, in the case of slurry pumps, engineering shows us that bigger really can be better — especially when they’re used in extreme applications. In systems that move both large and small particles, slower speeds reduce the impact of large rocks. With a large pump, you […]

Harry Tian

“We interact at a really high research level with our clients, and much of our material development is driven by the customer need for process improvement. Downtime is a huge issue, so these companies are always looking for better performance and less downtime,” Tian explains. This interactive, need-based research has led to some amazing developments […]

Ronnie Willis

It’s more than sales Willis has seen countless examples of how GIW’s over-the-top, hands-on customer service model has saved customers time, money, and headaches. One customer in the phosphate industry was breaking pumps on startup on a long-distance pumping system with multiple pumps in a series. After a site visit, GIW employees realized the customer’s system […]

Reab Berry

Customer service, GIW style “We sold our first dredge pump in 1948. Not everyone knows this; but dredge customers have always been important to us,” Berry says. They’re also important to Berry personally; thanks to one dredge customer’s problem early in Berry’s career, he received an unforgettable lesson in, what he calls, “customer service, GIW […]

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