2018: Excellent Year Sets Exciting Stage for 2019

Last year was GIW Industries, Inc.’s best year yet — and after more than 125 years serving our customers, we’ve never been in a better place to reach new horizons. We’ve expanded our products and services and helped our customers exceed their expectations in new and exciting ways, and 2019 is set to continue this trend. We sat down with Jonathan Samuel, VP of Sales & Marketing, to discuss 2018 highlights and hear his vision for 2019.

VP of Sales & Marketing, Jonathan Samuel

“GIW has experienced tremendous growth in existing and new markets in 2018. The confidence in our hydraulics technology has been proven with the development of new products, including some of the biggest pumps in the world. We’re proud to serve as a reliable partner in our customers’ successes.”

2018 Highlights

In 2018, one of GIW’s major customers in Canada ordered three TBC-92 pumps. These pumps will be the largest hydrotransport pumps in the Canadian oil sands and will be delivered in 2019.

In the dredging industry, GIW delivered two of the largest double-walled dredge pumps in the world. These pumps will be used on the world’s biggest cutter suction dredge, which is owned by the Belgian company DEME. GIW successfully assembled and hydro-tested the pumps on-site in the Netherlands. The new cutter suction dredger was launched in November 2018.

GIW also introduced the Remotely Adjusted Mechanical Suction Liner (RAMSL) in 2018. RAMSL technology dramatically increases operational efficiencies. The RAMSL product enhancement for the GIW® Minerals MDX pump allows for precise nose gap clearance adjustments to be performed safely and quickly at a remote distance. More frequent adjustments translate to longer wear life and less downtime for our customers.

To further support our customers, GIW is pleased to introduce Web-Shop. This platform allows customers to order replacement parts online and have them shipped to more than 20 countries worldwide. Web-Shop increases GIW’s efficiency in managing orders — facilitating greater support to our increasing customer base.


2018 presented some obstacles, but GIW took them in stride. Our biggest challenge was a significant surge in demand for products. GIW is growing, and our new and existing customers are producing more than ever — which increases their need for new pumps and replacement parts. In meeting this demand last year, we worked diligently to ensure that no customers experienced shutdowns caused by lack of spare parts.

Our customers’ growth necessitated increases in GIW’s manufacturing capability, storage capacity, and human resources. We increased our staff by almost 20% in 2018.

As GIW grows, one of our primary objectives is ensuring that the right stock is available to support our customers when they need it. To meet this challenge, our sales team works closely with our customers to understand what equipment they are using, how they are using it, and how we can better meet their needs.

GIW’s commitment in 2019 and beyond

According to Mr. Samuel, GIW is committed to providing the best slurry pumps, being the most reliable spare parts supplier, and delivering the highest-quality customer service and technical support in the industry. We value our customers, and we are dedicated to their success. GIW is a reliable partner that customers can count on now and into the future.

We have the experience, capacity, and solutions necessary to meet your needs in every respect. If we can assist you in any way, please contact us at 1.888.TECHGIW (832-4449) or visit us online.
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